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Goodman Human Performance

Advanced Biomechanical Therapy for Pain and the Advancing Athlete
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GoodMan Human Performance

Services Offered

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments ease pain, enhance mobility, and improve life quality, personalized to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Movement Optimization Therapy

Movement Optimization Therapy reprograms the body to move naturally, improving vital functions and eliminating the pain caused by dysfunctions.

Pain Management

Pain management services provide specialized care and treatments to alleviate chronic or acute pain.

Teach Your Body to Move, Pain-free

Goodman Human Performance is a Movement Optimization Clinic, one of the few of its kind.

The goal of this therapy is to prime the body to move as a human should. Our species developed, survived, and thrived on the basic movements of walking, running, and throwing, all while breathing fully and comfortably through these primary motions. Once we can move as a human should, all other issues reduce significantly. Whether you are a competitive athlete or want to reduce pain while sitting at work, Goodman Human Performance meets your needs.


Empowered Clinic Members

Mendy R.


Dr. Zak is different than any other chiropractor I’ve seen. He doesn’t just adjust your back; he listens closely to the real pain cause and goes to the root of the issue to help me feel better long term, fully healing through massage therapy, exercises, core muscle and adjustments. His work will make you feel better than you ever have!

Pilar A.


Dr. Goodman is amazing! I highly recommend visiting him for a consultation. After just one visit, my pain went from a 10 to a 4. He uses various types of therapy and explains each one in detail. He even showed me simple exercises to help with relaxation and strength. I feel listened to and my body is truly healing. Don’t let fear stop you from your healing journey. ❤️ I %100 recommend !!

Ryder M.


My knee was aggravated and in pain for over 4 months. From the recommendation of my Tennis Pro I went to see Dr. Goodman. Within the first week of treatment I felt relief and was back on the tennis court. In my treatment sessions we work on stability and relief. I have been so happy with Dr. Zak Goodman and highly recommend his services.

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