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3 Ways To Fix Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome? Here are 3 ways to fix your carpal tunnel syndrome. 1. Check your desk space for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome culprits If you work at a desk all day, this is most likely the very cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome. First and foremost, align your computer monitor so that […]

6 Ways To Help Low Back Pain While At The Office

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Pain while working at your desk is not normal. Dr. Zak Goodman is here to help with 6 quick tips to relieve your pain. Get A Standing Desk A standing desk will get you out of your seated position and into a more ergonomic position that is better for your neck, shoulders, back, and hips.  […]

What Are My Healthcare Options In Mesa, Arizona?

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As a doctor and a patient, namely of alternative medicine, there are a few things to consider when looking at your healthcare options in Mesa, Arizona. What are my healthcare options in Mesa? Great question! Your healthcare options include alternative medicine, which can be anything that utilizes both eastern and western practices. This includes: chiropractic, […]