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6 Ways To Help Low Back Pain While At The Office
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Pain while working at your desk is not normal. Dr. Zak Goodman is here to help with 6 quick tips to relieve your pain.

Get A Standing Desk

A standing desk will get you out of your seated position and into a more ergonomic position that is better for your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. 

Desks that can move between standing and seated position are available and allow you to transition between seated and standing if fatigue starts to set in. 

This will relieve your low back and neck pain and make your day more tolerable at work.

High stool for the standing desk

Even better than moving into the full seated position, a high stool chair will allow you to sit at a standing desk without going into the full seated position. 

The high seat is better for your low back and neck, and still gives you a break from standing. 

Increase the size of the font on your computer

Even with the computer at eye level, we still lean forward towards the screen to see it better. 

If you are able to increase the size of the font on your screen you’ll be more likely to lean back than forward! 

This puts less strain on the eyes and is much better for the spine.

Small disk, foam pad, or soccer ball

Standing is fun and all, but doing it all day can be just as harmful as sitting down all day. 

Having a soft surface for your feet will be better than standing on a hard floor and will also allow you to move around at your limited work space. 

A soccer ball is good to place under one foot if you’re standing and working. 

This helps to support the low back and allows you to change your position throughout the day.

Get Adjusted By Your Chiropractor

An adjustment by your chiropractor can also do wonders. More than just adjusting, however, I teach my clients ways for them to exercise parts of their bodies that lay dormant. These areas support the back and neck and prevent future pain. For example, the glutes and stomach muscles are flaccid in most people, yet these muscles do wonders for your posture.

Can’t do any of these? Raise your desk to eye level.

If you don’t have the capability to do any of these options there’s still hope. 

Straighten the back of your chair, raise your seat as high as you can while still allowing your feet to be placed solidly on the floor, and raise your computer screen to eye level. 

You can do this by placing some books under your computer monitor, or monitor stands are sold on Amazon. A recent client of mine got this desk – in duplicate! One for the office, and one for home. Let us know if you have any more questions!