Why Dr. Zak?

Dr. Zak Goodman wasn’t always athletic but loved playing sports. He started playing ice hockey at age two, martial arts when he was four, and sports like lacrosse, golf, tennis, and soccer throughout his teens and twenties. Heading into college, he decided to turn physical activity from a hobby into a career. As they say, if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life, so exercise and health became a focal point of his. He graduated from Salisbury University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2009. After graduation, Dr. Zak trained athletes, children, geriatrics, special populations, and adults as a Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist. Simultaneously, he served as a Physical Therapist Aide, allowing him to offer rehabilitative care to patients and gain experience with all types of individuals. 


After working in health and wellness for several years, Dr. Zak decided to widen his scope and deepen his knowledge by becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. In school he learned the beautiful art of the chiropractic adjustment and its ability to facilitate the nervous system to reduce stress, pain, and tension. An adjustment can change how the body and mind perceive the world when delivered comfortably in the proper place at the proper time. But something was missing… Even though the chiropractic adjustment has helped many people, Dr. Zak continued to wonder why the same chronic issues came back to his patients, and why it took so long to heal seemingly simple issues such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and mid-back pain. No matter how many adjustments were delivered, patients still suffered from the same perpetual issues. This led Dr. Zak to find the best biomechanics and movement specialists in the business and to study under them. Meanwhile, he watched thousands of hours of video of athletes that were LEAST prone to injury. He created exercises that broke down movements into their finest ranges of motion as to direct even the least active individuals to move like a well-trained athlete. The combination of chiropractic adjustments with biomechanical movement integration provides an innovative approach to repair and regeneration. 

In any type of personal growth, the first stage of progress is recognition and self-awareness. We typically refer to this self-awareness as mental and psychological. Fundamentally, we understand that the pattern we are currently using does not work and another needs to be integrated. The difficult part is we don’t always know what the next step is. At Goodman Human Performance we become PHYSICALLY self-aware! We assess where the pain or problem occurs within the movements causing them, then, Dr. Zak directs the practice member* into a new pattern. The body loves and accepts this new pattern because it feels good and reduces pain.  


                           *Patient becomes practice member upon starting their journey towards personal wellness and physical enlightenment.



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