Our varied approach offers a path to healing for every individuals’ needs.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Specific Adjustments relieve pain, increase range of motion, and increase the quality of life. Delivery of the adjustment is modified to each patient’s comfort level to achieve the greatest results within the shortest amount of time.

Human Performance Training

The body is a complex network of systems. For these systems to work properly, we need to have the basics of movement come naturally. These movements include breathing, walking, running, and throwing. Unfortunately, due to our lifestyles, whether sedentary or active, we adopt dysfunctions and compensations that don’t allow us to live optimally. Human performance training utilizes various techniques to rewire the body to move how it is supposed to, without restrictions and without pain.

What Our Clients Say…

Doctor Goodman is freaking amazing! I highly recommend you take the chance, to even go in for a consultation! In just one visit, he made my pain go from a 10 to a 4. He does so many types of therapy, and explains how each one works, and why he is using it. He was even been kind enough to show me simple exercises to help me work on relaxation and strength. He is the doctor you want taking care of you! I was a little nervous starting out, but each visit just got better and better. I feel like I am listened to, and I truly feel my body healing. If I could go more than once a week, I would! He is a blessing! Don’t let fear stop you from your healing journey. ❤️ I %100 recommend !!

– Pilar A.

My knee was aggravated and in pain for over 4 months. From the recommendation of my Tennis Pro I went to see Dr. Goodman. Within the first week of treatment I felt relief and was back on the tennis court. In my treatment sessions we work on stability and relief. I have been so happy with Dr. Zak Goodman and highly recommend his services.

– Ryder M.

Dr. Zak is different than any other chiropractor I’ve seen. He doesn’t just adjust your back; he listens closely to the real pain cause and goes to the root of the issue to help me feel better long term, fully healing through massage therapy, exercises, core muscle and adjustments. His work will make you feel better than you ever have!

– Mendy R.

Experience the ultimate care at Goodman Human Performance.

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